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If you are experiencing severe pain, a tooth abscess or have sustained dental trauma, Choice Dental can provide you with emergency treatment. We have dental emergency services during opening hours, Monday to Saturday. Please Call us now on (07) 3809 3320

Our dental team treats dental emergencies with the utmost care, skill and attention – saving your teeth may depend on it.

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We understand the pain, stress and anxiety one may experience from a sudden acute oral condition or unexpected injury. One of our top priorities is to help put our patients at ease – from kids to seniors – by providing immediate pain relief and comforting care.

When do you require emergency dental treatment?

Not all oral injuries or acute oral conditions require emergency dental treatment. A minor chipped tooth from biting on a cherry pit or losing a filling can probably wait till you book the next available appointment.

For more severe tooth injuries, you should seek immediate treatment. However, choosing between a dentist and a hospital emergency department can be a critical decision.

Choice-dental-Browns-Plains-emergency-dentistA physical impact – such as a sports injury or a falling accident – that causes major damage to your teeth and gums, may also have resulted in concussion – and possible bleeding in your brain. In this case, it is advisable to go straight to a hospital emergency department for urgent medical assessment, observation and treatment.

The following oral injuries and acute oral conditions definitely require emergency dental treatment (if not accompanied by any signs of head injury):

  • Knocked-out tooth – an avulsed tooth can be reimplanted successfully within an hour of being knocked out.
  • Extruded tooth – a tooth that has shifted from its usual position, and is in a “hanging by a thread” situation.
  • Broken tooth – a piece of tooth that has broken away, resulting in bleeding.
  • Severe oral pain – as a result of trauma, even if there is no visible tooth damage.
  • Severe oral bleeding – as a result of trauma, that doesn’t stop within a few minutes.
  • Serious oral infections – with facial swelling and extreme pain.
  • Broken or lost crowns – from a tooth that hasn’t received root canal treatment.
  • Tooth abscess – a painful infection of the tooth root.

In the event of a dental emergency, even if you are not sure, call us immediately*

Our dentists or staff can provide instructions and advice regarding all types of dental emergencies. Call us at Choice Dental during business hours on (07) 3809 3320.

* You do not need to be a registered patient to access emergency dental treatment at our clinic.

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